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Yoga class attire is something that often deters men who are new to the practice. While women have the standard yoga pants and tank top “uniform”, options for men’s yoga wear are less straightforward. What are appropriate and comfortable clothing choices for men in yoga? Let’s explore.

General Guidelines for Men’s Yoga Attire

The most important factors for men’s yoga clothes are:

  1. Range of Motion – Choose fabrics with stretch and cuts that allow free movement through all poses.
  2. Breathability – Look for moisture wicking performance fabrics that keep you cool and dry.
  3. Comfort – Clothes should be loose enough to flow but not so baggy they flop around or expose you.
  4. Simplicity – Solid colors and minimal seams/pockets reduce distraction during practice.
  5. Barefoot Friendly – Socks are generally not worn for yoga, so make sure footwear accommodates bare feet.

Yoga Clothes for Men

Yoga Tops for Men

For your top, T-shirts and tanks made from performance fabrics like nylon or polyester blends work well. Key features to look for include:

Snug fit – Avoid excessive fabric that could get in the way but not too clingy.

Moisture wicking – Helps keep you cool during sweaty power flows.

Quick dry – Prevents wet spots after particularly strenuous classes.

Stretchy material – Allows arms full range of motion overhead and behind the back.

Loose or open arm holes – Give shoulders room to rotate and move freely.

Mid to long length – Provides coverage for standing and seated forward folds.

Plain design – Solid colors help focus the mind; avoid bold graphics.

Yoga Bottoms for Men

On bottom, men have several good options:

Yoga Pants

Once reserved just for women, yoga pants now come designed specifically for the male physique. Look for:

Stretchy performance fabric blend with spandex for flexibility

Snug fit through hips and thighs but not constricting

Loose or straight leg cut – avoid overly tapered legs

Mid-weight with subtle texture – not shiny or too heavy

Solid color or simple pattern in dark, neutral shades

Yoga Clothes For Men

Athletic Shorts

Basketball-style shorts work well, ideally with:

Inseam between 7-9 inches for coverage

Breathable mesh liner – goes commando comfortably

Elastic waist with adjustable drawstring

Side pockets convex to avoid digging into thighs

Stretchy material like nylon with ample mobility

Harem Pants

Harem pants are loose with a dropped crotch, making them great for yoga by providing:

Air flow to the lower body

Lots of room for cross legged poses

Elastic waist and ankle cuffs to stay in place

Light, breathable fabric like rayon or cotton

Style Tips for Men’s Yoga Wear

  • Stick to solid neutrals like black, gray, navy – dark colors are slimming and dirt masking.
  • Get a snug but not too tight fit – excess fabric is distracting but you don’t want to look like you’re busting out.
  • Match tops and bottoms for a put together look. Black yoga pants with black or gray tee can’t be beat.
  • Choose subtle patterns like micro-stripes over bold designs which can be draw eyes away from yoga.
  • Keep it simple – two pairs of yoga pants and a few tops offer plenty of mix-and-match potential.

Feel Confident on the Mat

Don’t let doubts about having the “right” yoga outfit prevent you from trying classes as a beginner. With high performance athletic wear now available in men’s cuts, you can choose comfortable, functional yoga clothes that allow you to move freely while staying mentally focused.

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