Hot Yoga

Hot yoga classes offer incredible benefits – from deeper flexibility to toxin release. But navigating what to bring to sweat it out in a heated studio can be tricky. You’ll want to come prepared with the right gear and accessories for comfort, grip and hydration. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to pack for hot yoga so you can focus on your practice.

What is Hot Yoga ?

Hot yoga refers to any yoga style practiced in a heated environment, usually between 90-105°F with 40-60% humidity. The heat helps warm up the muscles, increase flexibility, promote sweating to remove toxins, and improve circulation.

Hot Yoga Class

Essential Hot Yoga Gear

Having the right foundation pieces makes a world of difference:

Breathable Yoga Attire

Choose lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics like cotton blends rather than heavy cottons. Form-fitting clothes allow your skin to breathe and won’t stick to you mid-flow.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Look for a mat with an excellent grip to prevent sliding in standing balances. Cork and rubber mats provide the most traction, especially when wet with sweat.

Supportive Yoga Bra

Opt for a bra with light compression and wicking fabrics. Racerbacks stay put in twists and straps that crisscross in the back help keep you in place during inversions.

Yoga Socks or Bare Feet

Bare feet provide the best grip, but well-fitted yoga socks can help absorbs sweat. Avoid regular socks, which can be slippery.

Yoga Mat

Hydration and Refreshment Essentials

One of the biggest challenges in hot yoga is hydration and energy:

Reusable Water Bottle

Bring at least 24 ounces of water. Aim to take several sips before, during and after class. Glass or insulated metal bottles keep water cooler for longer.

Electrolyte Drink Powder

Replenish lost electrolytes and minerals with low-sugar electrolyte powders to add to your water. This prevents fatigue and muscle cramping.

Snacks Like Bananas or Dates

Easily digestible pre-class snacks provide an energy boost. Bananas, nut butter, dates and whey protein are all great options.

Facial Spray

Mist your face with a rosewater or thermal water spray as needed throughout your practice for an instant refresh.

Additional Useful Hot Yoga Accessories

Consider bringing these extra accessories for an even better experience:

Yoga Towel : Place over your mat for serious slip-resistance and to soak up sweat.

Yoga Straps or Blocks : Use props to help hold poses longer or find proper alignment.

Headband or Bandana : Catch forehead sweat before it burns your eyes. Absorbent fabric is best.

Earplugs : If noise is distracting, earplugs can help you tune inward and focus.

Yoga Bolster : Support your body in restorative poses by placing under knees, back or head.

Eye Pillow : For relaxation at the end of class. Place over eyes and breathe deeply.

Gym Wipes : Freshen up after class by wiping sweat away before changing.

Yoga Pose

What to Wear After Hot Yoga

Plan what to change into after working up such an intense sweat:

Breathable Layers- Leggings, tank tops, light cardigans that won’t stick to damp skin.

Slip-On Shoe- Easy-to-remove sandals, slides or slip-ons to give feet air.

Outdoor Jacket- If it’s cold out, have a warm parka or puffer ready for post-shower warmth.

Comfy Undergarments- Bring an extra sports bra, underwear and socks to switch into.

Come Prepared and Enjoy Your Practice

Now that you know exactly what to pack and prepare, you can look forward to a comfortable, focused hot yoga experience. Listen to your body, refuel often and reap all the benefits – like improved flexibility, strength, circulation and inner peace.

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