How to practice yoga as a christian

Yoga offers proven physical and mental health benefits. As a Christian, you can absolutely practice yoga in a way that aligns with your faith. With mindful discernment, yoga can become a meaningful part of your spiritual journey. Here are some helpful tips for Christians looking to engage in yoga.

Examine Your Motivations

Take time to examine what draws you to yoga and the intentions behind your desire to practice it. Yoga means “union” – the uniting of mind, body and spirit.

While some forms of yoga incorporate Hindu spiritual elements, the physical poses and breathing techniques can be practiced purely for exercise, flexibility and concentration.

Assess your motivations and aim to focus your practice on physical wellness and contemplation.

Yoga Practice

Research the Class Approach

There are many different yoga class styles and lineages. Some feature chanting, mystical references or Eastern meditation practices which may conflict with Christian values.

Others focus solely on physical postures and breathwork without spiritual components. Research studios in your area to find an approach compatible with your faith. “Stretch and flex” classes are often most appropriate for Christians.

Center Yourself in Prayer

Begin each yoga session by centering yourself in prayer, dedicating your practice to the Lord. Ask God to guide your mind, strengthen and stretch your body, and renew your spirit through the class.

Setting this spiritual intention from the outset orients your practice toward drawing closer to Christ through physical movement.

Modify Rituals Mindfully

Some common yoga rituals like repeating “Om” may make Christians uncomfortable. Know that you can respectfully abstain from any rituals in class that contradict your faith. For instance, try praying privately instead.

With discernment, you can participate in the physical yoga while honoring your own spiritual beliefs.

Yoga Retreat

Focus on Scripture

As you flow through the poses, call to mind meaningful scriptures and worship songs. For flexibility postures, reflect on verses about yielding to God’s will and way.

While balancing, ponder God’s strength upholding you. Let His Word and truth anchor your thoughts during each posture. Scripture gives deeper meaning to the movements.

Praise Through Movement

Even without musical accompaniment, yoga can become a form of praise. Offer each stretch and pose as an act of worship, honoring God with your body.

Move smoothly between positions like a dance dedicated to God’s glory. Let your motions glorify Him as you feel your body aligning to His wonderful design.

Invite God’s Presence

Ask the Holy Spirit to be present with you during your practice for comfort, clarity and peace. As you hold a pose, visualize surrendering your worries to Christ.

Receive each inhale as the breath of life from God. Set your gaze on Jesus, drawing deeply from His calm presence. Invite His light to fill and surround you.

Power Yoga

Practice Mindful Yoga Breathing

The breathing exercises in yoga are extremely beneficial physically and mentally. As you link breath to movement, consciously invite God’s peace into your body. Breathe in calm and exhale stress.

Allow each breath to align with the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” This focused breathing instills tranquility.

Release Tension Prayerfully

A major goal of yoga is releasing built-up tension from the body and mind. Apply prayer to this process by asking God to help you let go of any emotional tension or mental anxiety.

Visualize negative energy leaving your body as you exhale. Receive God’s healing restoration as you relax into each pose. Release allows peace to permeate your being.

Yoga Pose

Establish Boundaries

As you delve into yoga as a Christian, establish wise boundaries around elements that may undermine your faith. Keep your yoga practice rooted in Christian values by limiting outside influences that contradict your beliefs.


The physical and mental benefits of yoga can absolutely be practiced in harmony with Christian faith. Through prayerful discernment and mindful boundaries, yoga can supplement a Christ-centered spiritual life. Honor God in all aspects of your practice, and let yoga become a worship-filled part of your walk with Jesus.

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