How to clean yoga mat

Your yoga mat is a haven for dirt, sweat, and bacteria buildup. With frequent yoga practice, mats need regular deep cleaning to look, smell, and feel their best. Follow these tips for keeping your yoga mat clean and hygienic.

Assess Cleaning Frequency

How often to clean your yoga mat depends on usage:

Once a Week – For casual yogis, weekly cleanings reduce odors and dirt buildup.

After Every Use – If you practice daily and tend to sweat heavily, cleaning after each session keeps bacteria at bay.

Before and After Hot Yoga – Clean before class to disinfect, and after to remove soaked-in sweat.

When Visibly Dirty – Look for obvious dirt, stains, and tread marks indicating it’s time for a refresh.

Having a regular yoga mat cleaning schedule removes undesirable grime before it becomes embedded.

Yoga Mat Cleaning

Supplies for Cleaning Your Mat

You don’t need fancy cleaners to freshen your mat. Simple household items get the job done:

  • Mild Soap – Opt for gentle soaps like castile soap or dish soap. Avoid antibacterial varieties.
  • Water – Warm water effectively rinses away dirt and residue.
  • Small Towel – Use a hand towel, washcloth or microfiber cloth to scrub the mat.
  • Spray Bottle – Filled with water or a diluted cleaner, this evenly distributes solution.
  • Essential Oils – Teaspoon of lemon, lavender, peppermint or tea tree oil naturally deodorize.
  • Tub or Sink – For dunking and soaking mats in solution.
  • Old Toothbrush – For scrubbing textured mat surfaces.

3 Deep Cleaning Methods for Your Yoga Mat

Here are three approaches to deeply clean your mat:

Soap and Water Wash

In tub or sink, mix mild soap with warm water.

Submerge and soak mat for 5-10 minutes, swishing gently. This loosens dried sweat and dirt.

Drain dirty water and rinse mat with clean water until suds disappear.

Hang over shower rod or lay flat to air dry fully.

Yoga Mat Cleaning

Targeted Scrubbing

In a spray bottle, mix mild soap with warm water. Spritz mat surface.

Use a damp towel or toothbrush to scrub problem areas, like etched-in foot grime.

Rinse scrubbed mat with clean water until zero soap residue remains.

Air dry the mat fully before rolling up.

Mat Spray Cleaner

Look for commercial yoga mat cleaners with natural ingredients. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Lightly spritz mat surface per product instructions.

Use a damp cloth to gently wipe cleaner over entire mat.

Let air dry fully before using or storing.

For best results, thoroughly clean your mat once a month using the soak or scrub method.

Quick Mat Refreshers

For between deep cleans, these tricks refresh your mat:

Water Wipe Down – Wipe with damp towel to remove surface sweat and dirt.

Dry Brushing – Use a dry towel or brush to whisk away dust and hair.

Essential Oil Spritz – Mist with water and lemon, tea tree or lavender oil to deodorize.

Mat Wipes – Keep disinfecting wipes handy at the studio for a quick clean.

Vacuum – Use hose attachment to suck up embedded pet hair on textured mats.

Yoga Mat Care

Proper Mat Care

Extend your mat’s life with these care tips:

  • Air Dry Thoroughly – Never put away a damp mat, which breeds mold and mildew.
  • Store Unrolled – Allow elasticity to recover by loosely rolling or standing upright.
  • Avoid Direct Sun – Don’t leave mats baking in hot cars or bright sun, which degrades materials.
  • Wash Hands Before Use – Reduce transferred body oils and lotions that slick up the mat’s grip.
  • Replace Regularly – Average mat lifespan is 1-2 years with regular cleaning.

Show your yoga mat some love with routine deep cleanings and gentle maintenance. A clean mat helps you feel centered and confident in your practice.


Cleaning your yoga mat is an essential part of maintaining hygiene, ensuring a fresh and pleasant practice experience, and prolonging the lifespan of your mat. So, invest a little time and effort into cleaning your yoga mat right now!

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